Sign Permit

Sec. 106-224. - Sign regulations.

              The following sign regulations shall apply as required below:                 

  •           On-premises signs, nonresidential zoning districts. On-premises signs shall be limited to one square foot of sign area for each linear foot of property frontage on the site, not to exceed one sign for every 200 feet of     frontage.     
  •           One sign may be allowed having a minimum setback of ten feet from the front property line and five feet from the side property line. Any and all other signs shall be placed behind the required building setback. 
  •           On-premises signs, residential zoning districts.   Residences with home occupations, which meet all of the requirements for home occupations as stated in article V of this chapter, may have one non illuminated sign measuring no greater than one foot by 2.5 feet.                                 

Sign Permit Packet