Residential Mobile Home Permit

West Baton Rouge Parish does issue Mobile Home Permits for the entire Parish, including parts of Iberville Parish; Rosedale and Grosse Tete. Residents moving a new mobile home into The Town of Addis will need to obtain a moving permit from the Town of Addis. To verify your jurisdiction please visit the West Baton Rouge Assessor’s Map or contact our office. 

Please contact the municipality below if your property is in the limits of: 

All residents must obtain a $75 mobile home permit before moving a mobile home into West Baton Rouge Parish and the above mentioned municipalities. If the mobile home is moved before obtaining a permit the resident will be fined a double fee no more than $75. All mobile homes moved into the Parish have to have a HUD manufacturing plate attached to the mobile home and the owner must provide proof of age, model, and wind zone. 

Mobile Home Permit Packet

The resident must hire a State Licensed and Parish registered electrician to pull an electrical permit though the West Baton Rouge Permit Office. The resident will also need to provide the permit office with proof of utility deposits and a new account number obtained from Entergy or Pointe Coupee Electric. Once this process is complete and the mobile home checklist is complete the resident may request an inspection through the WBR Permit Office. Please see the inspection requirements list below. 

Mobile Home Inspection Checklist

  1. Elevation certificate if in a flood zone of A. 
  2. Setbacks: All property markers must be identified and set with nylon string if mobile home is located on private property.
  3. Address #’s posted onto mobile home visible from road
  4. Proper Anchoring 
  5. Electrical Pole Must be complete with electrical meter pan, main service switch and weather head in place.
  6. Wiring– Must be complete from main service switch to mobile home feeder panel.
  7. Plumbing and water– All utilities must be connected to trailer
  8. Sewer- Cannot be ran above ground & must be left uncovered for inspection
  9. Mechanical– (A/C UNIT)
  10. Grounding – Of main electrical service switch and mobile home frame
  11. Steps with handrails– At all entry points (Meeting Code Requirements)

***If you are moving a mobile home into a mobile home park you must have a registered electrician pull your electrical permit.***

***If you are not using this mobile home as your primary residence you must have a registered electrician pull your electrical permit***