Burning Sugarcane Fields

  • Location: Brick Gallery
  • Dates: September 24th, 2022 through January 15th, 2023
  • Admission: Normal Rates

The Museum is pleased to announce a new photography exhibition, Burning Sugarcane Fields, from Bruce Q. Williams of Baton Rouge. While exploring in Bueche, Louisiana, Williams captured the burning of a sugar cane field during the harvest season. The museum is featuring six photographs from this series. 

“A couple days after my grandmother’s funeral in New Roads, LA, my mom I and drove from Baton Rouge back to the funeral home to pick up some of my grandmother's funeral floral arrangements. On the way, we noticed sugarcane fields being burned... Seeing them burn was giving me goosebumps. Once I got back to Baton Rouge after picking up the funeral flower arrangements, I went to the store to get some film and drove back to Bueche to photograph the burning sugarcane fields. Later that day, I developed the film at home in the kitchen sink.

 This exhibit opens on September 24th and closes on January 15th, 2023.