Impounded animals whose hold period has expired without being reclaimed by an owner and animals that have been owner-surrendereddog with adopt me bandana become the property of WBRASC. These animals may then be placed up for adoption. 

Adoption Fees

We do charge adoption fees to adopt an animal from us. Adoption fees are used by the shelter as a means of recouping some of the cost that goes into making each animal a good candidate for adoption. Adoption fees may vary depending on the age of the animal, the kind of animal, and the amount of veterinary care the animal has received. Adoption fees may also vary during adoption events, promotional events, and/or events surrounding holidays. Upon adoption, all adoptable animals will be spayed/neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, and have a microchip implanted.

Average Adoption Fees

Dogs: $100
Cats: $30
Kittens: $50
Barn / Feral Cats are $10 for the first cat, $5 for every cat thereafter if adopting multiple cats.
*Equines (Horses, ponies, mules, donkeys): $200 or at cost for veterinary care.
*Cattle: $100 or at cost for veterinary care
Small livestock such as chickens or other fowl: free or at cost for veterinary care.

*Cattle and equines are most often transferred to a rescue agency and can be adopted through that particular agency. 

How to Adopt

There are multiple ways to begin the process of adopting one of our animals. The best way to view our adoptable animals is by accessing our Facebook or Instagram page via the buttons at the bottom of this page. You can see lots of photos of our adoptable animals on either of these pages. You can also call our main office number (225-336-2428) to inquire about a particular animal, its adoption status, and the adoption fee. Please note vaccinations and spaying/neutering of animals must be completed before the animal will be allowed to leave our shelter. If you are coming to adopt one of our animals, you can fill out an adoption application form (PDF) ahead of time and bring it with you. You can also submit an adoption request via our online form.


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