Connection Charges


West Baton Rouge Parish Natural Gas and Water Systems will require a natural gas deposit of $125, water deposit of $25, and a garbage deposit of $25, for all new homeowners and renters. All current homeowners and renters at their current location as of April 30, 2017, will be grandfathered in and not required to pay a deposit. Should they move to a new location, a deposit will be required.

Not Home

If your services have been unlocked during working hours and you were not home for our technician to turn on your services, we can only unlock the meters and you must turn on the meter(s) yourself.


Charges only apply to standard household meters if no gas or water services exist on the premises.

  • Gas Installation Charges: $475
  • New water connection charge: $450 water meters are only installed just inside the property line, and the customers must make the connection on their side of the meter and run water line where desired.

Gas Extension to Dwelling Charges

Gas extension to dwelling charges are $475 for the first 75 feet and $0.50 per foot for next 200 feet and $0.25 per foot thereafter, (tap into line and run gas line to dwelling and hang gas meter, the meter remains property of West Baton Rouge Parish. The customer does not own it). Pressure test are required on all new plumbing and on mobile homes that have been moved from one location to another.

All gas lines must be capped off and 10 pounds of air pressure must be maintained for a period of twenty-four hours.

Notifying Our Office

Our office must be notified when the pressure test is first started, we will read the pressure gauge the first day of being notified the test is on the line, and read the pressure gauge again the next day to insure there are no leaks on the gas lines. A pressure gauge may be obtained at our office with a $20 refundable charge, when the gauge is returned in working condition

Contact Us

For more information please call the Utilities department at 225-336-2406.