School Tour Guidelines

Teachers and chaperones, please help us make your field trip experience as enjoyable and informative as possible by discussing appropriate behavior and expected learning outcomes with students prior to your visit.  By actively promoting discipline among your group members/students during your visit, you can help enhance your museum experience.

  • Additionally, having an accurate count of the number of individuals in your group prior to arrival helps the check-in process go smoother. 
  • If your organization is tax exempt, please provide the appropriate documentation before check-in.  Payment can be made by check, cash or credit card.  We can also invoice your group upon request and with adequate advance notice. 
  • Please divide larger groups into smaller ones in advance. Groups of approximately 10-15 are best, so that everyone can fit into our historic structures safely.  
  • It’s also recommended to outfit each student with a name tag so that our staff and volunteers can readily call on individual children.

Before your visit:  

  • Discuss the type of behavior expected in the museum setting that differs from everyday activity like keeping voices quiet.  
  • Remind students that a museum houses artifacts that are frequently very old, rare or precious and students should refrain from touching, leaning on items or horse play, especially in our historic outbuildings.  
  • Remind them that there are likely to be other visitors on campus who also want to enjoy their time in the facility and that they should be mindful of that in their behavior.  There will be opportunities for hands-on activities where touch and talking will be appropriate and guides will announce and direct those.

A Few Rules During Your Visit:

Teachers and Chaperones

Although our staff may step in if needed to assure everyone’s safety and comfort, they are limited in what they can do given that guides do not even know your students’ names.  

  • Please make sure that chaperones are adequately prepared to provide guidance and discipline during the visit.
  • We ask that you or a chaperone guide your students through an activity if they have difficulty working without help from adults.


  • When a guide or a teacher is speaking to your group, please allow them to finish before raising your hand if you have a question or comment. 
  • Otherwise, we ask that you do not talk so that everyone can hear the presentations.
  • You MAY NOT touch the artifacts or exhibits.  Guides will direct students on those occasions when touching is appropriate.

Field Trip Preparedness Checklist

Think you and your students are ready for your field trip, click here for a Field Trip Preparedness Packet.