Group Tours

There are various group tour options available to anyone who may be interested.
Please note:

  • Tours are available for all age groups. 
  • All tours are guided tours.
  • Tour length can vary in time according to your scheduling needs. 
  • Typically tours run between one hour and two hours.
  • Group size can range from 5 to 75 visitors.
  • We ask that group leaders schedule their tours at least three weeks in advance.
  • School groups and youth groups must be adequately chaperoned.
  • Be aware that all participants, chaperones and teachers are required to pay admissions’ fees.

Group guidelines can be found here.

S comme Sucre

S is for Sugar

The West Baton Rouge Museum has a field trip experience designed especially for children ages 3 to 6 years old. The program S is for Sugar is a 90-minute, hands-on, fun-filled adventure for kids to learn about farming, letters, and sugar!

S comme Sucre

S comme Sucre est une expérience à vivre et conçue spécialement pour les élèves de 3 à 7 ans. Deux Marionnettes, personnages principaux – Sweetie Pie et Sugar Guy – vont leur apporter des informations sur la canne à sucre et le sucre. 

S comme Sucre
Running on Steam

Running on STEAM!

A two-hour tour connecting local history to science, technology, engineering, art and math in the curriculum. Students will discover how four individuals from South Louisiana advanced the sugar industry, revolutionized the processing of sugar cane and ultimately forever changed Louisiana agriculturally and economically. 

Cuttin' Cane Ain't All We Do

This is a two hour tour designed for middle and high school students that takes visitors on an interactive journey through several of the Museum’s historic structures. This tour highlights local contributions to engineering innovations, education, and social progress over two centuries of history.

Cuttin' Cane Ain't All We Do

À la Carte Activities

Teachers are able to choose from a variety of hands-on activities that complement the tour experience such as:

  • butter churning
  • spinning and weaving
  • optical toys
  • blacksmithing
  • woodworking
  • open-hearth cooking
  • making pinch pots
  • parlor games