Brusly High School

Marker NameOriginal Brusly High School  Historical Marker

Original Brusly High School

Marker Dedicated

The marker was dedicated November 11, 2002, during A Day of Remembrance ceremonies held in Brusly and Port Allen

Marker Location

Brusly Middle School campus
601 N Kirkland
Brusly, LA 70719

Marker Text

First West Baton Rouge Parish public high school. Built in 1911 for grades 1st through 11th to serve students in area from Beaulieu to Chenango Plantations. WPA program completed the gym and adjacent building in 1938. Original school constructed under the administration of J.H. Bres, West Baton Rouge School Superintendent from 1908 through 1948. Two story wooden school demolished in 1950 and now exists only in pictures and student memories.


The old high school, located at the site of the current middle school along River Road, was opened in 1911. It was a two-story wooden building that served the area under the then-new parish School Board before being torn down in 1950. Much of the information concerning the original school was uncovered during the planning of the Brusly Centennial, held in October 2001.

Superintendent of West Baton Rouge Schools, Beverly Triche, was the speaker during this special ceremony held on the school grounds. Members of the 1st Brusly High School graduating class attended.

A Place to Call Home

For more information on Brusly, read Brusly 1901 – 2001 A Place to Call Home; by Pamela Folse, Editor. Available at the West Baton Rouge Parish Library or for purchase at the Town of Brusly City Hall, 225-749-2909


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