Will you spray my private driveway?

The pesticide products we use here at WBR Mosquito Control have an effective swath width of 300 feet from the spray truck. If your residence is located beyond that distance, has a solid driveway, and a good place for our spray trucks to turn around, we may add your driveway to our private drive spray list. If you feel this fits your situation, give our office a call at 225-214-5900. We will look up your address via a GIS map and do an online measurement. If the measurement confirms that your residence is beyond 300ft from the road, we will come out to inspect the driveway and turn around area during the day. After the inspection, a determination will be made whether to add your driveway to our list or not. Please note, if your driveway is added to the list, you are responsible to maintain the driveway in good condition and provide an unobstructed turnaround area for our spray trucks. Failure to do so can result in your private drive being removed from our spray list.      

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