What is Enhanced 911?

Enhanced 911 is a system that links emergency callers with the appropriate public resources. The system tries to automatically associate a location with the origin of the call. This location may be a physical address or other geographic reference information such as X/Y map coordinates. The caller's telephone number is used in various ways to derive a location that can be used to dispatch the necessary response resources. Automatic location of the emergency makes it quicker to locate the required resources during events that communicating one's location is difficult or impossible.

Enhanced 911 Can Help Everyone

Not only does the Enhanced 911 Emergency Phone System save time, it also has other advantages. Even a lost child or a seriously ill person can call 911 for help, knowing help will be there shortly. 911 is an easy to remember number, no matter in the dark, for the mentally disabled, persons in any state of trauma or injury, or the elderly and young citizens.

The number 911 is a nationwide emergency number. These examples are not suppositions- they're proven facts: 911 works.

Silence Doesn't Stop Enhanced 911

When a call is received with no conversation, the nearest police unit will be dispatched and the nearby fire station will be put on alert. If the location is a good distance away, or if the printout screen shows an ill or disabled person in the residence, the ambulance and fire truck will proceed.

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