Cuttin’ Cane A’int All We Do

In an effort to give visitors an introduction to our new tour, Cuttin’ Cane A’int All We Do, the West Baton Rouge Museum is making available six compelling videos. These short documentaries take you on a journey through the local history of the Reconstruction and Jim Crow period to the Civil Rights Movement. The videos are presented in a kiosk format at two of the cabins on the museum’s campus.

We invite you to view these videos as a part of our new online education experience. The film clips feature interviews with Southern University Law Professor Angela Allen Bell, local historian Brian Costello, Dialogue on Race Director Maxine Crump, businessman Hall Davis, III, and Cohn High School graduates Wilhelmina Williams Decuir, Sadie Woods, Rose Roche, and Ernest Allen.

This project was funded in part by a grant from the National Parks Service and produced by FantomLight Productions.