Sale Date Suit Number Plaintiff Defendant(s)   Property Description Property Location Writ Amount (Unpaid Principal Balance) Date of Writ Attorney's Name Attorney's Phone Number Appraised Appraised Value
6/7/23 47426 Nationstar Mortgage, LLC  The Opened Succession of Robert Wimberly Watts, Sr. and The Opened Succession of Nellie G. Watts and Robert Wimberly Watts, Jr.   House/Land 11222 Section Road, Port Allen $51,067.89 10/7/22 Penny Daigrepont 504-831-7726 No ----
6/21/23 47612 U.S Bank National Association Not In Its Individual Capacity But Solely As Legal Title Trustee for RMTP Trust, Series 2021 BKM-TT-V Keri L. Graves   House/Land  844 E. Main Street, Brusly $122,115.30 7/27/22 Corey Giroir 225-756-0373 Yes 211,000
7/19/23 48137 Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, Not Individually But Solely As Trustee for Finance of America Structured Securities Acquisition Trust 2018-HB1 The Unopened Succession of Mildred Washington Clark   House/Land 3866 Chris Street, Addis $129,789.14 4/18/23 Corey Giroir 225-756-0373 No -----
7/19/23 45071 Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC Philip Joshua Mason   House/Land 6734 Marengo Drive $258,137.97 3/22/19 Kristy Finley 318-388-1440 No -----