Mosquitoes at Home

Did you know that you could be hatching your very own mosquitoes? It's true, certain species of mosquitoes like the Asian Tiger Mosquito just love to hang out around the home.

Often we simply don't realize that mosquitoes could be breeding all around us in things we would never even think about. The empty dog dish that's been collecting rainwater, the fish pond that the fountain stopped working in a week ago, that old stack of tires by the garage that we've never disposed of, the boat cover that filled with rainwater a month ago, the bucket we put under the window air conditioner to collect runoff, all are examples of excellent habitat for our uninvited guest the mosquito.

With mosquitoes comes the ability to transmit diseases such as West Nile Virus, with this in mind it is in our families best interest to make sure these critters are not making a home in our own backyard.